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My Big Pickle Vodka

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My Big Pickle Vodka
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About Us

Pickle Flavored Vodka

The summer of 2014, we made the mistake of having a few too many at our neighborhood bar in North Texas the night before hosting a neighborhood yard sale. That groggy next morning, we whipped up some bloody marys made with pickle juice (our preferred recipe for years), and began handing them out to the shoppers. They were a hit and before we knew it, we were out of mix.  All we had left was vodka & pickle juice, so we simply mixed up pickle-vodka and that's when we realized that we had a massive hit on our hands.

In the years that followed, we made bottles and bottles of pickle vodka in our home with our friends & family.  We all kept finding new delicious ways to enjoy Big Pickle Vodka - over ice, the Original pickle bloody mary, as pickle-tinis, picklebacks, and our favorite...the Red Pickle Beer!  We’re excited to share it with the world and can’t wait to see how you DILL WITH IT!!

My Big Pickle Vodka

My Big Jalapeno Vodka

"Watchale Wey"

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