Summer 2014

After a late night of enjoying cocktails with friends, our morning neighborhood yard sale came a bit too early, the struggle was 'real'.  So we decided to share our love of pickle juice in bloody mary's and added them to the sale.  It was such a hit we quickly ran out and started just selling the pickle infused vodka on it's own.  The Big Pickle Flavor was a Big Hit, so we started calling it, My Big Pickle Vodka.   

The Next Several Years

We experimented with different recipes and flavor profiles until we found the perfect mix.  It was a hit at parties, the lake, BBQ's, tailgates, etc.  Pretty soon we were making bottles of the stuff.  People were drinking it over ice, in bloody mary's, Ceasars, straight with touches of vermouth for pickle-tinis.  We loved sharing it with friends and family so much we decided to share it with EVERYONE


2019 was a big year for My Big Pickle Vodka.  With the decision to share our love for this pickle infused vodka we took the necessary steps to bring it to market.

We perfected the mix, created our logo, designed a website, picked our bottle, obtained our label and are working with distributors now so that it will soon be on shelves and available to you.  


View our map to find My Big Pickle Vodka at a location near you!



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